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Cristina Ramella


As a globetrotter and map obsessed adventurer, Cristina Ramella is an Italian born designer with a colorful passport. Having lived all over the world including Sydney, London, Genoa and New York, she eventually set down roots in Mexico in 2011 and created Cristina Ramella ®, a travel inspired jewelry brand.

With every new adventure she's amassed new inspiration- eventually finding an outlet through her jewelry to symbolize this collection of memories. Each meticulously crafted piece is a marker of personal growth for Cristina; a reflection of her creativity and personal experiences. Behind every ring, every bracelet, every earring is a statement about where she's been and what else is out there waiting to be discovered. Her namesake brand Cristina Ramella ® captures her spirit through luxury jewelry that stands worlds apart from the rest.


Cristina Ramella ®